Sıcak Hava Balonu

Sıcak Hava Balonu

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Flights

Let your spirit soar on this Cappadocia balloon tours that you will never forget. With our experienced, friendly pilots, you will float above Cappadocia, exploring the majestic valleys of Cappadocia with an incredible birds’ eye view. Each ride includes pre-flight café & pastry service, and a post-landing champagne brunch to celebrate your latest adventure. Bring your camera and your spirit of discovery…We will take care of the rest.

Capacity: 24 to 28 pax Standard Flight Balloon Basket Capacities
Duration: 60 minutes for Standard flights.
Includings: Outdoor Breakfast ( at the takeoff area) - Transfer from / to Hotel -- Champagne Celebration (after landing ) -- Flight Certificate



Early in the morning, we pick you up at your accommodation place with our VIP vehicles to drive you to the launch area.

• While you are enjoying a cup of tea or a coffee at our open buffet breakfast, the balloons are getting ready for you to fly.
• After this you will be welcomed to the basket and as the sun rises you'll take off.
• Our pilots rise approximately 1000- 5500 feet to show you around the extraordinary views of Cappadocia.
• Then they descend and float through the valleys, between fairy chimneys and caves, which gives you excellent views to take pictures or video records.
• This tour lasts between one hour.
• You'll fly in a basket that can welcome 24 to 28 passengers.
• When landing time, our team will help you and provide a safe and comfortable landing.
• After the landing you will enjoy a special party.
• As a memory of your unforgettable lifetime experience, you will receive a special flight certificate with your name, signed by the pilot.
• At last, our VIP vehicles will take you back to your hotel
• Your entire balloon adventure takes about 2 hours.

We are not eager to accept children younger than 6.

1 Hour Fly

Sunrise Time